Virtual Neurology Service Details

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What is my virtual neurology service?

A service to assist anyone in the healthcare continuum dealing with neurologic issues. It might involve my providing direct support or bringing together other subspecialty expertise to assist. It is how I work within The Apractis Clinic. I have joined Specialists on Call (SOC) and most of my virtual  clinical neurology services will be part of my SOC affiliation as soon as all licensing and credentialing is completed.

How do you access this service?

The menu tabs connect to specific functions.I prefer to meet online by video conference for any important discussion, not phone calls. I leverage messaging and file sharing methods that are secure but highly mobile and practical as well.

What is my mission?

To help anyone with neurologic advice in any care setting very efficiently. I also have relationships with other neurologic sub-specialists to review complex cases or get specific advice in an area I am less experienced in. I am able to assist with questions about test/imaging results, advice about a simple or complex clinical case, help discussing a situation with colleagues or family caregivers, or a quick question about anything related to neurology.

What care settings are supported?

 ANY…You can be in the inpatient, outpatient, home or any other clinical setting. The situation can be urgent, routine or anything in between.  You do not need to complete any complex request or intake forms. We make sure you are connected to the right expertise for the situation or need. Because we “meet you in your workflow”  there is nothing complicated about connecting and communicating. There are no requirements for technologies or processes that are restricted to any particular care setting.

What locales are supported?

I am licensed in Maryland and Maine at present. I am now participating with Specialists on Call and should be licensed in other states within a few months

Are there fees for accessing the basic communication tools?

 NOT for the technology…It is free to use many of the collaboration tools of The Apractis Clinic.  Members can easily subscribe to more advanced but optional tools to enhance their workflow processes.

What is NOT free is your time, my time or anyone else’s time

 The main cost of participating in such a service is the TIME of the people involved…the specialists who provide expertise (whether in real time meetings or reviewing, thinking, advising)…YOUR time as a busy person seeking support on behalf of someone else…and SUPPORT people who assist in meetings, training or other advice on workflow. We can interact very efficiently as registered members of The Apractis Clinic…and you can help locate “sponsors”…see below. I post my personal consultation fees and make it easy to pay for my services when applicable.

Who sponsors The Apractis Clinic and virtual collaborative activities?

 We all work together to find sources of funds that can be used to compensate busy people to take the time, energy and risk in helping each other clinically.  The healthcare industry does not have a sustainable model for doing this and we are creating the new paradigm by initiating the service in advance of having all the answers. We do expect anyone who participates to help the team at The Apractis Clinic find appropriate sponsors who might have a vested interest in seeing this type of real-time clinical collaboration occur across any specialty and locale. Our clinical leadership team is happy to meet with anyone you believe would be interested in providing funds that are earmarked specifically to compensate clinical people for their time.  This is a creative process but its the right model for ensuring that resources are directed to the right purpose. 

Is technology an issue? Do I have to be tech savvy?

 NO….we use the most pragmatic, simple, mobile and non-intrusive ways to get things done.  You do not need to ask anyone else’s permission or technical support.  I leverage things that are secure, easy, and personalized. All I ask is that you use your own personal mobile communications devices so that nobody else can constrain what you are able to do in collaborating with a specialist. 

Is there a simple way to reach me for clinical assistance?

 YES.. Click on my home page for “meet me now” and “message me now” options.

Is there a simple way to communicate with me and other clinicians? Can I use my smartphone?

 YES..I use PODIO and you can also, very easily.  It is a wonderful model of mobile, personalized messaging, tasks, information sharing and team collaboration for any purpose. Once you start using Podio for specialty support you will realize how useful it is for all of your clinical (and other) communications.