Updox Notification Setup

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If I just invited you to Updox Secure Inbox….I will send you a secure welcome message shortly…..but first…

Setup Updox to notify you by text when a new HIPAA compliant secure message arrives.

There is currently a “mobile web app” version of Updox which you can obtain by going to the URL “touch.myupdox.com” on your smartphone. This is not yet something downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, but will be in the future. For now, its a nice way to be able to view and respond to a secure message from your smartphone.

The current mobile web app works best if you also have setup your Updox inbox to notify you by sms text when new secure messages arrive….it is quick to do that!

Please Login on a computer for first time setup, not from a mobile phone

Click the MENU Icon on the left of your INBOX to update your profile and notifications


Then click on PROFILE


Then Click on SETTINGS (also can update any other information)


Enter your mobile phone number and click the box to be notified on your cellphone via an SMS text for any new Secure Messages or Faxes


Remember, any time  you make any changes to any page, always look for the SAVE button!

Alwayscheckforsave button

Remember the first time you login (or any time later) to check the TOOLS menu and create a custom password, upload a signature file, etc